How it works

How it works

How it works

Luminato’s customer-first principles also apply to our relationship with you. We know that you are experts in your business and fiercely passionate and driven about what you do. We understand, admire and respect that. Which is why we put your needs as our priority, and always aim to form a partnership that lasts.

step 1


Get in touch to arrange a free exploratory call to discuss the challenges you face. We’ll walk through our capabilities and how they can benefit your business, giving you a good feel for how our partnership could work.

Step 2


We’ll lead a workshop to fully absorb your business and your needs. We can set the agenda if you’re unsure what support you need or respond to specific challenges you have in mind.

Step 3

Agreeing services and measurement

We’ll decide on the service or combination of services to suit you, and then set objectives and results tracking.

Step 4

Deciding how we work together

Every business has differing marketing requirements so we offer a structure bespoke to you, but broadly this could include:

Outsourced consultancy


In-house support



Setting up a new marketing function from scratch


Leading your existing marketing team



Supporting you to execute marketing plans in-house


Delivering marketing plans via our network of specialists



Ongoing medium-long term provision


One-off short-term projects


Step 5

Kick off

With all of the groundwork done, we’re good to go!

Luminato was created by Rachel Green to offer an easier way forward for small and medium businesses. See the impact made so far…

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