Helping SMEs

Helping SMEs

How we can help

Luminato makes marketing simpler for SMEs. We do this by uncovering a fresh perspective on the experience your customers have with your business. Once we’ve done this, we then use strategies that work across digital, social and offline channels, spanning all industries, and covering both consumer and business audiences.

While we specialise in strategic marketing consultation and recommendations, we also create marketing plans for you to execute. If you ever need support with implementing these plans, we have a network of specialists, disciplined in creative ideas, copywriting, design, digital, and technical development that we’ll happily introduce you to and collaborate with.

Knowing your audience

Luminato brings your most valuable audiences out of the shadows, making them front and centre of your marketing effort and budget. To do this we use a combination of data and human insight methods including:

  • Analysis of your existing customers or prospects
  • Building an enhanced audience picture
  • Audience segmentation
  • Audience targeting
Building your brand

Building your brand

The best relationships involve two interested parties. Being able to see how your brand behaves through the lens of your audiences can be invaluable. To help you play your part we offer:

  • Diagnosis of your brand and its performance
  • Brand strategy, including brand positioning, vision, values and architecture
  • Guidance for developing your brand visual identity and tone of voice
  • Brand launch and ongoing communications plans
Aquitring more customers

Acquiring more customers

As bringing new customers into your business can often feel tricky and time-consuming, Luminato are on-hand to guide you and simplify the process. With your growth as our focus, we provide:

  • Strategy and tactics for lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion
  • Communications planning
  • Content planning
Changing customer behaviour

Changing customer behaviour

We advise how to effectively use your customer knowledge to shape and evolve your relationships. This helps you to encourage repeat business, build loyalty and create advocates. We offer:

  • Customer retention strategy focused on moving customers through your pipeline
  • Activities to engage and nurture your customers
  • Customer journey mapping to create optimal experiences
  • Communications planning
  • Content planning

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