About Luminato

About Luminato

About Luminato

I created Luminato to offer an easier way forward for small and medium businesses. To reveal how you should tackle the ever-evolving topic of marketing. Most importantly, to show you how to get the most from your prospect and customer relationships, and the profitable opportunities this can unlock. By helping you take care of all of this, your energy can be focused where your business most demands it.

I have spent 19 years working in London advertising and customer engagement agencies guiding small, medium and large brands through their many challenges and opportunities. I studied the Mini MBA in Marketing to further embed the marketing theory behind my hands-on experience.

As a strategically and creatively minded business lead, I’ve always loved getting to know a brand’s customers – understanding what makes an audience tick and how their behaviours can be swayed. I’ve worked with consumer and business audiences in financial services, government, not for profit, utilities, legal, education, alcohol, retail and automotive.

I have an abundance of experience with large brands including American Express, RBS/NatWest, SSE Energy, The Co-operative Group and The Electoral Commission. However, my most fulfilling marketing partnerships have been with small and medium businesses. The stakes are often higher, and more personal, making the rewards for the business far greater. Luminato was born to offer you tailored marketing expertise and a real passion for your business success.

Rachel Green

Luminato was created by Rachel Green to offer an easier way forward for small and medium businesses. See the impact made so far…

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